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  • 1995
    In 1995, Taixing Special Plastic Equipment Factory was established, which was renamed as Taizhou Yaxing Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. in 2015.
  • 2002
     In 2002, the company was honored as an "Outstanding Private Enterprise.
  • 2003
    In 2003, it was awarded the title of "Enterprise with a Strong Contractual and Credit Reputation.
  • 2005
    In 2005, it was recognized as a "Trustworthy Private Enterprise.
  • 2008
    In 2008, it was designated as a "Jiangsu Province Private Science and Technology Enterprise.
  • 2010
    In 2010, it acquired a set of European high-precision PTFE film cutting equipment and four German rapier looms.
  • 2011
    In 2011, it was rated as an "AAA Credit Enterprise.
  • 2012
    In 2012, it received the "Technical Transformation Award" and was recognized as an "Alibaba High-Quality Certified Supplier.
  • 2013
    2013 marked significant expansion and innovation for the company: It was awarded the "Taizhou Famous Brand Product" title and acquired 23,198 square meters of land for business expansion and technological innovation.
  • 2014
    In 2014, construction of the new factory began, and the company received high-tech product certifications for its "High-Precision PTFE Film for High-Frequency Printed Circuit Boards" and "PTFE Fiberglass Cloth Film Material," as well as the "Taizhou Famous Trademark" recognition.
  • 2015
    In 2015, the completion of a 30,000 square meter factory was built, the addition of nine PTFE fiberglass cloth coating devices, and the company was certified as a "High-Tech Enterprise" and a "Measurement Qualified Certification Demonstration Unit.
  • 2016
    In 2016, two PTFE tape production lines were completed.